about the blog…

Mine was the typical “crazy” kind of childhood, laden with unanticipated change and general instability. My teen years weren’t any less chaotic and by the time I was an adult I was pretty well functioning through a cloud of anxiety and hypervigilance. I have made it through life thus far, in much the same way that I’m sure most of you have, by grabbing whatever emotional coping tools I have had on me and chucking them arbitrarily when provoked.

More effective tools have been added to my toolset over the years and my emo grab-bag has become more of a compartmentalized tool box, but the mental structures I find myself building always seem to be half-assed and tend to fall apart at the first sign of a storm. I want to change that. I want to take my brain back to school and teach it to rebuild itself with a foundation that is both solid and sustainable.

The Rock Bottom’s Up Blog was created to do just that. I know that a majority of us living in this day and age have been subjected to chronic stress and trauma so much so that we live our daily lives in a state of perpetual illness. We allow autopilot to guide us to wherever we “need to be” next instead of being in the lead of our thoughts and feelings. A lot of the times we just surrender and hide out, isolating ourselves from the overwhelming weight of it all.

I want each of us to figure out ways that work for us to cut through all that chaos, and to live with a peaceful mind that allows us to enjoy life’s moments, rather than just enduring them. Let’s take this expedition into the universe of thriving, together. Let’s take back the lead, and finally, and with extraordinary relief, let our lives follow us around for a change.

About the author…

PJ and her family recently transplanted their roots from the red dirt of Oklahoma to the mountains of Ventura County, California, where she and her wife Amber continue to raise their 5 awesome kiddos and some really great dogs. Family, community and child advocacy have always been at the top of PJ’s priority list, and with the creation of the RBU blog, she intends to add self-care and a whole lot of adventure to that list too.